AAS 196th Meeting, June 2000
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 37. X-Ray Results from Chandra and XMM

Topical Contributed Display, Wednesday, June 7, 2000, 10:00am-7:00pm, Empire Hall South

37.01 Star Formation near the X-ray Jet in Cen A (NGC5128)
J.A. Graham (Carnegie-DTM), C.I. Fassett (Williams College)
37.02 Optical Imaging of Serendipitous Chandra Field Sources in the Galactic Plane
P. Zhao, J. E. Grindlay, P. Edmonds, M. R. Garcia, J. E. McClintock, S. S. Murray (CfA), A. Cool (SFSU)
37.03 Chandra Survey for AGNs in Nearby Galaxies
R.M. Sambruna (Penn State), L. C. Ho (Carnegie Obs), W.N. Brandt, E.D. Feigelson, G. P. Garmire, L. Townsley (Penn State), W.L.W. Sargent (CalTech), A.V. Filippenko (Berkeley), R. Griffiths, A. Ptak (Carnegie-Mellon)
37.04 Observations of the Vela Pulsar and its Compact Nebula with the Chandra High Resolution Camera
G.G. Pavlov, D. Sanwal, G.P. Garmire (Penn State), V.E. Zavlin, V. Burwitz (MPE, Garching), R.G. Dodson (Univ. of Tasmania)
37.05 The Soft X-ray Spectrum of the Seyfert 2 Galaxy Markarian 3
M. Sako, S. M. Kahn, F. Paerels (Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory), D. A. Liedahl (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
37.06 The Coronal Structure of II Pegasi from Chandra/HETGS and EUVE Spectra.
D.P. Huenemoerder, N.S. Schulz, C.R. Canizares (MIT), D.L. Buzasi (UC Berkeley)
37.07 ChaMPlane: Measuring the Faint X-ray Binary and Stellar X-ray Content of the Galaxy
J. E. Grindlay, P. Edmonds, M. R. Garcia, J. E. McClintock, S. S. Murray, P. Zhao (CfA), A. Cool (SFSU)
37.08 Performance of the XMM/Newton Reflection Grating Spectrometers
A. Rasmussen (Columbia Astrophysics Lab), XMM/Newton RGS Team

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