AAS 196th Meeting, June 2000
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 34. A New Era in X-ray Astronomy

Topical Session Oral, Wednesday, June 7, 2000, 8:30-10:00am, 10:45am-12:30pm, 2:30-4:00pm, 4:15-6:00pm, Lilac Ballroom

34.01 The XMM-Newton Observatory : First science results
F.A. Jansen (ESA-ESTEC), XMM Science Operations Team
34.02 First Results from EPIC on XMM-Newton
M. Turner (Leicester University (for the EPIC Team))
34.03 First Results from the Reflection Grating Spectrometer on XMM-NEWTON
S.M. Kahn (Columbia University (for the RGS consortium)
34.04 XMM-Newton's Optical/Ultraviolet Monitor Telescope
F. A. Cordova (UCSB), K. O. Mason (MSSL), W. C. Priedhorsky (LANL), XMM OM Team
34.05 Early Performance and Results from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory
34.06 Chandra Observations of the Pleiades and Other Young Clusters
J.L. Linsky, A. Krishnamurthi (JILA/Univ. Colorado & NIST)
34.07 The Emission Line Project: Early Results from the Chandra Campaign
N. S. Brickhouse, J. J. Drake (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
34.08 Spectral and Imaging Observations of Young Supernova Remnants with Chandra
U. Hwang (NASA GSFC, U Maryland)
34.09 High Resolution Spectroscopy of the Supernova Remnant E0102-72
K.A. Flanagan, C.R. Canizares, D.S. Davis, D. Dewey, J.C. Houck, M.L. Schattenburg (MIT Center for Space Research)
34.10 High Resolution Spectroscopy of X-ray Binaries with Chandra
F. B. Paerels (Columbia University)

--Lunch Break--

34.11 Chandra Observations of Nearby Galaxies
A. H Prestwich (CXC)
34.12 Chandra Observations of Lensing Clusters of Galaxies
M. W. Bautz (MIT Center for Space Research)
34.13 Chandra Observations of Cooling Flows
A.C. Fabian (Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge, UK)
34.14 Studies of Radio and Seyfert Galaxies with Chandra
A. S. Wilson, P. L. Shopbell, A. Young (University of Maryland)
34.15 Chandra Observations of 4 Giant Elliptical Galaxies
R.F. Mushotzky (NASA/GSFC)
34.16 First Results from a Deep Chandra Survey of the Hubble Deep Field Area
W.N. Brandt, A.E. Hornschemeier, G.P. Garmire, D.P. Schneider (Penn State), A.J. Barger (Hawaii IfA), M.W. Bautz (MIT), D.N. Burrows, G. Chartas (Penn State), L.L. Cowie (Hawaii IfA), E.D. Feigelson (Penn State), R. Griffiths (Carnegie Mellon), D. Lumb (ESTEC), J.A. Nousek (Penn State), W.L.W. Sargent (Caltech), L.K. Townsley (Penn State)
34.17 Preliminary Results on the X-Ray Background from the Chandra Deep Field South
P. Rosati (ESO), R. Giacconi (JHU), J. Bergeron (ESO), S. Borgani (Trieste), R. Gilmozzi (ESO), G. Hasinger (Potsdam), M. Nonino (Trieste), C. Norman (JHU), P. Tozzi (JHU/Trieste), W. Zheng (JHU)
34.18 High Resolution Spectroscopy of EXO 0748-67 with the RGS on XMM
J. Cottam (Columbia Astrophysics Lab.), A.J. den Boggende (Space Research Org. of the Netherlands), G. Branduardi-Raymont (Mullard Space Science Lab.), A.C. Brinkman (Space Research Org. of the Netherlands), C. Erd (ESA/ESTEC), M. Guedel (Paul Scherrer Inst.), J.W. den Herder (Space Research Org. of the Netherlands), F. Jansen (ESA/ESTEC), J. Kaastra (Space Research Org. of the Netherlands), S.M. Kahn (Columbia Astrophysics Lab.), R. Mewe (Space Research Org. of the Netherlands), F. Paerels, A. Rasmussen (Columbia Astrophysics Lab.), I. Sakelliou (Mullard Space Science Lab.), M. Sako (Columbia Astrophysics Lab.), C. P. de Vries (Space Research Org. of the Netherlands)
34.19 Chandra High Resolution Spectra of X-ray Binaries
N.S. Schulz, H.L. Marshall, A. Levine, W. Cui, D. Dewey, C.R. Canizares (MIT/CSR)
34.20 Chandra Observations of M31
M. Garcia, S. Murray, F. Primini, J. McClintock, W. Forman, C. Jones (SAO), Chandra X-ray Center Team
34.21 Revealing the Complex Nature of NGC 253 with Chandra
K.A. Weaver (NASA/GSFC), T.M. Heckman, D.K. Strickland (Johns Hopkins University), M. Dahlem (Leiden University)
34.22 The High-Resolution X-ray Spectrum of NGC 3783
S. Kaspi, W.N. Brandt (PSU), H. Netzer (Tel-Aviv University, Israel), R. Sambruna, G. Chartas, G.P. Garmire, J.A Nousek (PSU)
34.23 A Comparison of Predicted and Observed Intracluster Gas Properties
R. A. Daly, M. M. Chester (Penn State University)
34.24 O VII/O VIII Emission of Warm/Hot Gas
L. A. Phillips, J. P. Ostriker, R. Cen (Princeton University)

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