AAS 196th Meeting, June 2000
Session 51. Galaxy Evolution and Populations/Clusters
Display, Thursday, June 8, 2000, 9:20am-4:00pm, Empire Hall South

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[51.08] The ``Strong" Magnetic Field Model and Gamma Ray Bursts

H.D. Greyber (Potomac, MD)

To explain the growing evidence* of a quasi-periodic, cell-like distribution of superclusters of galaxies in very thin spatially curved sheets around huge voids, a physical model of induced galaxy formation, involving both gravitation and cosmical magnetism, is proposed. The SAME model describes the origin of a very large-scale primordial magnetic field which explains the existence of magnetic fields in galaxies formed by gravitational collapse. An intense, highly relativistic current ring (Storage Ring) is formed in the Early Universe, which is the key to ex- plaining the AGN central engine, galactic structure, jets, and the origin of gamma ray bursts by the very ordinary, common ``beam on target" process. Blowoff of the target surface produces the fireball and afterglow observed with gamma ray bursts, and a highly collimated gamma ray beam.

* Einasto, J. et al, 1997, Nature 385, 139

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