AAS 196th Meeting, June 2000
Session 50. Active Galaxies
Display, Thursday, June 8, 2000, 9:20am-4:00pm, Empire Hall South

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[50.12] Compton-thick Tori in two Seyferts: ESO 138-G1 & Tololo 0109-383

M. J. Collinge, W. N. Brandt (Penn State U.)

We present analyses of the ASCA X-ray spectra of two Seyfert galaxies, ESO 138-G1 (a Seyfert 2) and Tololo 0109-383. The classification of Tololo 0109-383 has been somewhat uncertain, but we consider it to be a Seyfert 2 as well. In both spectra we observe strong iron K\alpha lines (equivalent widths greater than 1 keV), and chi-squared spectral fitting indicates intrinsic absorbing columns on the order of 2\times 1023 cm-2. However, the large iron line equivalent widths suggest that both galaxies' nuclear spectra undergo significantly heavier absorption (column densities greater than 1024 cm-2), or in other words that the galaxies are both `Compton-thick' Seyfert 2s. We use the hard X-ray/[O III] \lambda5007 flux correlation for Seyferts and data from the literature to provide additional support for this hypothesis.

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