AAS 195th Meeting, January 2000
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 76. Geometrically Variable Stars

Display, Friday, January 14, 2000, 9:20am-6:30pm, Grand Hall

76.01 The LMC Eclipsing Binary EROS 1044: Fundamental Properties and Evolutionary States
F. P. Maloney, E. L. Fitzpatrick, E. F. Guinan (Villanova U.), Y. W. Kang (Sejong U.), I. Ribas (U. Barcelona), L. E. DeWarf (Villanova U.), D. H. Bradstreet (Eastern C.), J. F. Sepinsky (Villanova U.)
76.02 Main-Sequence Binary Stars in the Core of NGC 6397
A.S. Bolton, A.M. Cool (San Francisco State U.), J. Anderson (U.C. Berkeley)
76.03 Capella: Coronal Variability from EUVE
A. K. Dupree, N. S. Brickhouse, J. Sanz-Forcada (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
76.04 Capella: Separating the Giants
P.R. Young, A.K. Dupree (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, 60 Garden Street, Cambridge MA 02138), R.L. Gilliland (Space Telescope Science Institute, 3700 San Martin Drive, Baltimore MD 21218)
76.05 Variations in the spectrum of 29 UW Canis Majoris
R. L. Riddle, W. G. Bagnuolo (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Georgia State University)
76.06 The Double-Lined Spectroscopic Binary G209-35: Testing Stellar Evolution Models
M. Pan (MIT), G. Torres, D. W. Latham (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
76.07 The O-type Binary 15 Monocerotis
W. G. Bagnuolo, R. L. Riddle, D. R. Gies, H. A. McAlister (Georgia State University)
76.08 Polarization Variability of the Massive Binary System: V444~Cyg
R. Kurosawa, D. J. Hillier (U. Pittsburgh)
76.09 Orbit and Properties of the Massive Binary HD 163181 (V453 Sco)
T. S. Josephs, D. R. Gies, W. G. Bagnuolo, Jr. (GSU), Z. Wang (MIT), L. Penny (College of Charleston)
76.10 A New Orbit For The Massive Binary HD 199579
A.M. Williams (Georgie State Universtiy), D.R. Gies, D.H. Berger, P.A. Erling (Georgia State University), J.A. Harvin (Georgie State University), W.J. Huang, W.C. Jao, J.P. McFarland, D.J. Wallace, T. Fallon, W.G. Bagnuolo, R.L. Riddle, M.V. McSwain, T. Josephs, D.W. Wingert (Georgia State University), A.W. Fullerton (University of Victoria)
76.11 The ellipsoidal eclipsing binary BG Geminorum - A possible Black Hole ?
P. J. Benson, K. K. McLeod, A. Bonanos (Wellesley C.), A. Dullighan (Swarthmore C.), S. J. Kenyon (CfA)
76.12 V684 Mon: An Eclipsing Duo of Very Young B stars in NGC 2264
D.H. Bradstreet, J.R. Hargis, J.S. Lake, J.M. Blair, D.C. Eagles, F.D. Jewett (Eastern College)
76.13 Doppler Tomography of the Accretion Disk in the Algol Binary KU Cygni
Q.T. Nguyen, P.B. Etzel (San Diego State Univ.)
76.14 Three years of photometric monitoring of the Algol Binary WW Cygni
R.T. Zavala, B.J. McNamara, T.E. Harrison, O. Mireles, B. Rodriguez, M. Sanchez (New Mexico State University)
76.15 \delta Scuti-type Variability in the Eclipsing Binary RU Ursae Minoris
M. B. Lacorte (Rutgers University), W. V. Van Hamme (Florida International University)
76.16 Simultaneous Photometry and Spectroscopy of V471 Tau
T.R. Vaccaro, R.E. Wilson (University of Florida)
76.17 UBV Photometry, Times of Minimum, and Light Curve Solutions for the Algol system, RU Eri
S. Shope, J. Sowell (GA Tech), R. Williamon (Fernbank)
76.18 UBV Photometry, Times of Minimum, and Light Curve Solutions for the Algol system, YY Cet
V Ponce (UVa), R Williamon (Fernbank), J Sowell (GA Tech)
76.19 A Second Period for V567 Ophiuchi
L.R. Schwendiman, E.G. Hintz (Brigham Young University)
76.20 A Search for High Velocity Be Stars
D. H. Berger, D. R. Gies (Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy, Georgia State University)
76.21 X-Ray Activity in Near-Contact Binary Stars
J. S. Shaw (U. of Georgia), E. C. Smith (U. of Texas)

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