AAS 195th Meeting, January 2000
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 6. Early Results from the FUSE Mission

Display, Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 9:20am-6:30pm, Grand Hall

6.01 The Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Mission
H.W. Moos (JHU), FUSE Science Team, FUSE Instrument & Operations Team
6.02 On-Orbit Performance of the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer
D.J. Sahnow, H.W. Moos (Department of Physics & Astronomy, The Johns Hopkins University), FUSE Instrument & Operations Team
6.03 FUV Spectroscopy of the Terrestrial Airglow with FUSE
P. D. Feldman (JHU), E. M. Murphy (JHU), H. W. Moos (JHU), FUSE Team
6.04 Local Bubble O VI Surface Brightness Observations with FUSE
R. L. Shelton, E. M. Murphy, J. W. Kruk, H. W. Moos, W. R. Oegerle (JHU), E. B. Jenkins (Princeton), FUSE Science Team
6.05 A New Insight on the Ionization of the Local Interstellar Medium, as Revealed by FUSE Observations of Ar~I toward White Dwarf Stars
E.B. Jenkins (Princeton U.), W.R. Oegerle, K.R. Sembach, R.L. Shelton (JHU), A. Vidal-Madjar, R. Ferlet (IAP, France), C. Gry (ISO Data Cent.), FUSE Science Team
6.06 Survey of Low-Ionization ISM Absorption in Early FUSE Data
K.C. Roth, B-G Andersson (Johns Hopkins U), E.B. Jenkins, D.V. Bowen (Princeton U), G. Sonneborn (NASA/GSFC), FUSE Science Team
6.07 FUSE Observations of Molecular Hydrogen in Translucent Interstellar Clouds
T. P. Snow, B. L. Rachford, J. Tumlinson, J. M. Shull (University of Colorado), W. P. Blair (Johns Hopkins University), R. Ferlet (Institut d'Astrophysique, Paris), S. D. Friedman (Johns Hopkins University), C. Gry (ESA - Vilspa Madrid), E. B. Jenkins (Princeton University), D. C. Morton (Herzberg Institute - National Research Council of Canada), B. D. Savage (University of Wisconsin), K. R. Sembach (Johns Hopkins University), A. Vidal-Madjar (Institut d'Astrophysique, Paris), D. E. Welty, D. G. York (University of Chicago), FUSE Science Team
6.08 FUSE Observations of Interstellar Molecular Hydrogen
J. Tumlinson, J.M. Shull, B. Rachford, T.P. Snow (CU/CASA), E.B. Jenkins (Princeton), B.D. Savage (U. Wisc.), K.R. Sembach (JHU), G. Sonneborn (NASA/GSFC), D.G. York (U. Chicago), FUSE Science Team
6.09 The Interstellar Gas on the Sight-Line to the SMC star Sk108
C. Mallouris, D.E. Welty, D.G. York (UC), H.W. Moos, K.R. Sembach (JHU), M. Lemoine (Observatoire de Paris-Meudon), A. Vidal-Madjar (IAP), B.D. Savage (UWM), J.M. Shull (UCol), G. Sonneborn (GSFC), FUSE Team
6.10 FUSE Observations of Interstellar Molecular Hydrogen in the Small Magellanic Cloud
G. Sonneborn (NASA/GSFC), J. M. Shull, J. Tumlinson (U. Colo.), E. B. Jenkins (Princeton U.), B. D. Savage (U. Wisc.), H. W. Moos, K. R. Sembach (JHU), D. G. York (U. Chicago), FUSE Science Team
6.11 O VI Absorption in the Galactic Halo
B.D. Savage (U.W. Madison), K.R. Sembach (JHU), E.B. Jenkins (Princeton), J.M. Shull (U. Colorado), D.G. York (U. Chicago), G. Sonneborn (NASA/GSFC), H.W. Moos, S.D. Friedman, W.R. Oegerle, J.D. Kruk (JHU), FUSE Science Team
6.12 FUSE Observations of O VI in the LMC and Milky Way in the Direction of SK-67 05
S.D. Friedman, K.R. Sembach, J.C. Howk (Johns Hopkins University), B.D. Savage (University of Wisconsin), D.G. York (University of Chicago), G. Sonneborn (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), FUSE Science Team
6.13 Hot Gas, H2, and Atomic Absorption Toward ESO 141-055
K.R. Sembach, W.R. Oegerle, S.D. Friedman, J.D. Kruk, W.P. Blair (JHU), B.D. Savage (U. Wisc), J.M. Shull (U. Colorado), D.G. York (U. Chicago), E.B. Jenkins (Princeton), H.W. Moos (JHU), G. Sonneborn (NASA/GSFC), FUSE Science Team
6.14 FUV Spectroscopy Towards High Velocity Cloud Complex C
E.M. Murphy, K.R. Sembach (Johns Hopkins University), B.K. Gibson, J.M. Shull (University of Colorado), B.D. Savage (University of Wisconsin), H.W. Moos (Johns Hopkins University), FUSE Science Team
6.15 FUSE Observations of Intergalactic Lyman Beta Absorbers at Low Redshift
J.M. Shull, M.L. Giroux, S.V. Penton, J. Tumlinson (CU/CASA), E.B. Jenkins (Princeton), B.D. Savage (U. Wisc.), K.R. Sembach (JHU), D.G. York (U. Chicago), FUSE Science Team
6.16 FUSE Observations of the Galactic and Intergalactic Medium towards H1821+643
W.R. Oegerle (JHU), B.D. Savage (U of Wisc), K.R. Sembach (JHU), J.M. Shull (U of Colo), T.M. Tripp, D.V. Bowen (Princeton U), FUSE Science Team
6.17 Initial FUSE Results on Active Galactic Nuclei
G. Kriss (STScI & JHU), R. Green, M. Brotherton (NOAO), A. Davidsen, S. Friedman, W. Oegerle, M. E. Kaiser, W. Zheng (JHU), J. Hutchings (DAO), M. Shull (U. Col.), B. Woodgate (GSFC), A. Koratkar (STScI), FUSE Science Team
6.18 FUSE Observations of the CSPN K1-16
J. W. Kruk (JHU), L. Bianchi (JHU), P. Chayer (UVIC/JHU), W. Moos (JHU), W. R. Oegerle (JHU), B. D. Savage (U. Wisc.), K. R. Sembach (JHU), G. Sonneborn (GSFC), FUSE Science Team
6.19 FUSE Observations of the Hot DA White Dwarf GD 394
P. Chayer (UVIC/JHU), J.W. Kruk (JHU), P. Barrett (STScI), FUSE Science Team
6.20 FUSE Observations of the Supernova Remnant N49 in the Large Magellanic Cloud
W.P. Blair, R. Sankrit, R. Shelton, K.R. Sembach, H.W. Moos (JHU/CAS), J.C. Raymond (SAO), FUSE Science Team
6.21 FUSE Observations of the Planetary Nebulae He2-138 and its Central Star
R.C. Iping, G. Sonneborn (NASA/GSFC), A. Vidal-Madjar, R. Ferlet, G. Hebrard (CNRS/IAP), K. Sembach, A Cha (JHU), FUSE Science Team
6.22 FUSE Observations of the Active Cool Star: AB Dor
T. B. Ake (JHU/CSC), A. K. Dupree (CfA), J. L. Linsky (JILA), R. F. Malina (UC Berkeley), FUSE Science Team
6.23 FUSE Observations of the Stellar Winds of Two O7 Supergiants in the Magellanic Clouds
A. W. Fullerton (UVic & JHU), J. B. Hutchings (DAO/HIA/CNRC), A. J. Willis (UCL), G. Sonneborn (NASA/GSFC), L. Bianchi (JHU), K. R. Brownsberger (CU/CASA), P. A. Crowther (UCL), D. L. Massa (Raytheon STX/GSFC), FUSE Science Team
6.24 FUSE observations of the resonance OVI doublet in Sand 2 (WO), the fastest stellar wind known.
P.A. Crowther (UCL), K. Brownsberger (CASA/U Colorado), A.W. Fullerton (UVic & JHU), A.J. Willis (UCL), L. Bianchi (JHU), O. De Marco (UCL), J.B. Hutchings (DAO/HIA/CNRC), T. Snow (U. Colorado), FUSE Science Team
6.25 FUSE Time Resolved Spectroscopy of the LMC O9.7 Ib Star HD 268605
D. Massa (Raytheon ITSS), A.W. Fullerton (UVic and JHU), J.B. Hutchings (DAO/HIA/CNRC), G. Sonneborn (NASA's GSFC), A.J. Willis (UCL), FUSE Science Team

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