AAS 195th Meeting, January 2000
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 51. ISM: Theory and Modelling

Display, Thursday, January 13, 2000, 9:20am-6:30pm, Grand Hall

51.01 Maximum Entropy Reconstruction of the Interstellar Medium
J. S. Arabadjis, J. N. Bregman (University of Michigan Astronomy Department)
51.02 Velocity Modification of HI Spectrum and Clouds in Velocity Space
A. Lazarian (Dept. of Astronomy, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison), D. Pogosyan (CITA, Toronto)
51.03 Structure of MHD Turbulence
J. Cho (U. Texas; Johns Hopkins U.), E.T. Vishniac (Johns Hopkins U.)
51.04 Why Would We See 2-D Turbulence in Interstellar Gases?
A. Minter (NRAO)
51.05 LaGrangian Representation of an Expanding Shockfront of a Supernova Remnant.
I. Liska (IACS/CUA)
51.06 The Dissipation of Turbulence as a Heat Source in the Warm Ionized Medium
J. M. Wilson (U. Washington), D. S. Balser, A. H. Minter (NRAO)
51.07 The Initialization of Structure Formation by Coupled Interfacial Instabilities in the ISM
R. M. Hueckstaedt (U. Florida)
51.08 Effects of Self-Regulated Star Formation on the Global Structure of Galactic Disks.
D. C. Smith, C. J. Struck (Department of Physics & Astronomy, Iowa State University)
51.09 The Interplay Between Massive Stars and the Interstellar Medium in M101
D. Wang (UMass), R. Walterbos (NMSU), D. Thilker (NRAO), R. Broun (NFfRA)
51.10 Formation and Evolution of Tidal Dwarf Galaxies
M. Iyer, C.E Simpson (Florida International University), S.T Gottesman (Univerity of Florida), B.K Malphrus (Morehead State University)

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