AAS 195th Meeting, January 2000
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 50. Stellar Atmospheres

Display, Thursday, January 13, 2000, 9:20am-6:30pm, Grand Hall

50.01 Non-LTE Line-blanketed Stellar Wind Atmosphere Models for the A-supergiant Deneb
J. P. Aufdenberg (Arizona State U.), P. H. Hauschildt (U. Georgia), E. Baron (U. Oklahoma)
50.02 Line Blanketing in Przybylski's Star
C.R. Cowley (U. Michigan), F. Kupka (Institute for Astronomy, Vienna), G. Mathys (ESO)
50.03 Treatment of molecular non--LTE in cool stellar atmospheres
A. Schweitzer, P. Hauschildt (Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, UGA)
50.04 Three Dimensional Computational Simulations of Convection in AGB Stars
M.L. Jacobs, D.H. Porter, P.R. Woodward (Dept of Astronomy, University of Minnesota)
50.05 Theoretical Calculations of Oscillator Strengths and g-factors for Nd III and Pr III
D.J. Bord (UMich-Dearborn)
50.06 H-alpha Emission in Globular Cluster Giants
C. A. Pilachowski (National Optical Astronomy Observatories), C. Sneden (University of Texas at Austin)
50.07 A Recalibration of the Wilson-Bappu Effect for Luminous Stars
S.B. Parsons (CSC / STScI)
50.08 Boron Abundances in Early-B Stars: The \ion{B}{3} 2065.8 Å\ Line in IUE Data.
C.R. Proffitt (CUA/IACS and STScI/CSC), M.F. Quigley (U. Wisc.)
50.09 The Iron Abundance in AV~304, a B0.5 Main Sequence Star in the Small Magellanic Cloud
G.J. Peters (USC), J.A. Grigsby (Ball Aerospace)
50.10 A Tailored Analysis of the WR stars WR40 and WR16 (WN8)
J.E. Herald, D.J. Hillier, R.E. Schulte-Ladbeck (University of Pittsburgh)
50.11 EUVE Spectroscopy and Variability Analysis of \beta Canis Majoris in the 300-700 ÅBand
N.A. Miller (Dept. Astronomy, U. Wisc.-Madison), D.H. Cohen (Bartol Research Inst., U. Delaware), J.P. Cassinelli (Dept. Astronomy, U. Wisc.-Madison), G.J. Peters (Space Sciences Center-USC)
50.12 EG Andromedae's UV Light Curve and the Hydrogen Absorption Observed by HUT
B.R. Espey (ESA/STScI), S.R. McCandliss (JHU)
50.13 Origins, Structure, and Evolution of Magnetic Activity in the Cool Half of the H--R Diagram: an HST~STIS Survey
T.R. Ayres, A. Brown (CASA), S.A. Drake (GSFC), A.K. Dupree (SAO), M. Guedel (Paul Scherrer Institut), E. Guinan (Villanova), G.M. Harper (CASA), C. Jordan (Oxford), J.L. Linsky (JILA), D. Reimers, J.H.M.M. Schmitt (Hamburg), T. Simon (IfA)

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