AAS 195th Meeting, January 2000
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 48. Lensing

Display, Thursday, January 13, 2000, 9:20am-6:30pm, Grand Hall

48.01 Hourly Brightness Fluctuations in Q0957+561
W. Colley, R. Schild (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
48.02 The MACHO Project: Microlensing Results from 5.7 Years of LMC Observations
A.C. Becker (U.Washington), C. Alcock (LLNL), R.A. Allsman (ANUSF), D. Alves (STSCI), T.S. Axelrod (MSSSO), D.P. Bennett (Notre Dame), K.H. Cook (LLNL), A.J. Drake, K.C. Freeman (MSSSO), M. Geha (LLNL), K. Griest (UCSD), M.J. Lehner (Sheffield), S.L. Marshall (LLNL), D. Minniti (P. Universidad Catolica), C.A. Nelson (LLNL), B.A. Peterson (MSSSO), P. Popowski (LLNL), M.R. Pratt (Washington), P.J. Quinn (Notre Dame), A.W. Rodgers (), C.W. Stubbs (Washington), W. Sutherland (Oxford), A.B. Tomaney (Washington), T. Vandehei (UCSD), D.L. Welch (McMaster), MACHO Collaboration
48.03 Identifying Microlensing Source Stars with HST and Difference Imaging
C.A. Nelson, C. Alcock, K. Cook, M. Geha, S.L. Marshall, P. Popowski (IGPP), D.L. Welch (McMaster U.), A.C. Becker, M. Pratt, C.W. Stubbs, A.B. Tomaney (U. Washington), T.S. Axelrod, A.J. Drake, K.C. Freeman, B.A. Peterson (MSSSO), K. Griest, T. Vandehei (UCSD), R.A. Allsman (ANUSF), D.R. Alves (STSCI), D.P. Bennett (U. Notre Dame), M.J. Lehner (U. Sheffield), D. Minniti (P. Universidad Catolica), W. Sutherland (Oxford), P.J. Quinn (ESO), MACHO Collaboration
48.04 Binary Gravitational Microlenses: Modelling and Orbital Motion Analysis
S. H. Rhie, D. P. Bennett (University of Notre Dame)
48.05 Mapping the z=0.19 HI absorption against PKS1830-211
M.A.W. Verheijen, C. Carilli, M.S. Yun (NRAO-AOC), K. Menten (MPIfR, Bonn, Germany)

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