AAS 195th Meeting, January 2000
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 45. Stellar Diameters and Circumstellar Material

Display, Thursday, January 13, 2000, 9:20am-6:30pm, Grand Hall

45.01 Linear Diameters and Effective Temperatures of Carbon Stars
G.T. van Belle (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), R.R. Thompson (Jet Propulsion Laboratory/U. Wyoming)
45.02 Periodic changes in the K-band spectral angular diameters of Mira Variables at PTI
R.R. Thompson (JPL/U. Wyoming), M.J. Creech-Eakman (JPL/Caltech), G.T. van Belle (JPL)
45.03 Spatially resolved tomographic {\em STIS} spectroscopy of Betelgeuse
A. Lobel (SAO), A. K. Dupree (SAO), R. L. Gilliland (STScI)
45.04 Searching infrared excess stars for disks and substellar companions using HST/WFPC-2.
A.B. Schultz, H.M. Hart (CSC/STScI), F.C. Bruhweiler, M.A. DiSanti, C.L. Miskey (IACS/CUA), K.P. Cheng (Cal State Fullerton), K. Reinhard (Ne. Wesleyan Univ.), G. Schneider (Univ.\ of Az.), D.C. Taylor (STScI)
45.05 The disk of \beta~Pictoris at 25~AU.
H.M. Hart, A.B. Schultz (CSC/STScI), F.C. Bruhweiler, M.A. DiSanti, C.L. Miskey (IACS/CUA), M. Kochte, D.A. Fraquelli, F.C. Hamilton, D.A. Swade (CSC/STScI), K.P. Cheng (Cal State Fullerton), K. Reinhard (Ne. Wesleyan Univ.), C.D. Keyes, S. Hulbert, D.C. Taylor (STScI)
45.06 Understanding IRAS 4381+2540: Self-consistent Models of Scattered Light Images and Spectral Energy Distributions
E.A. Hoversten (Iowa State University), N. Calvet, L. Hartmann (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
45.07 On the Nature of the Masing Circumstellar Disk in MWC349
L.J. Jisonna Jr. (U. Arizona & Maria Mitchell Observatory), M. Gordon (NRAO), V. Strelnitski (Maria Mitchell Observatory)
45.08 Dramatic velocity range changes in the OH spectra of 19566+3423
B. M. Lewis (Arecibo Observatory)
45.09 VLBI Imaging of the 3mm SiO Masers Around R Cassiopeia
G.R. Sivakoff (Brandeis University), R.B. Phillips, C.J. Lonsdale, S.S. Doeleman (MIT Haystack Observatory)
45.10 A 43 GHz SiO Maser Survey of high-latitude OH/IR Stars
N. Fominn (Arecibo Observatory), Hong Tat, Yervant Terzian (Space Sciences, Cornell University), B. M. Lewis (Arecibo Observatory), Arecibo Collaboration, Space Sciences Collaboration
45.11 The Molecular Formation Radii of Ammonia and Silane in the Outflows of Evolved Stars
J. D. Monnier (SAO), W. C. Danchi, D. S. Hale (SSL, UC, Berkeley), P. G. Tuthill (Chatterton Astronomy Dept, U. Sydney), C. H. Townes (SSL, UC, Berkeley)
45.12 Observations of HCN associated with TX Cam and IK Tau
K. B. Marvel (American Astronomical Society)
45.13 Detections of CO in the Circumstellar Shells of R Coronae Borealis Stars
G.C. Clayton (LSU), M.M. Hanson (U. Cincinnati), K.D. Gordon (Steward Obs.), T.R. Ayres (U. Colorado)
45.14 Nonthermal and Chemical Sputtering of Grains in the Outflows of Cool Stars
C. Covatto, P. A. Aannestad (ASU)
45.15 X-Ray Spectroscopy with Chandra HETGS: The Corona of II Pegasi
D.P. Huenemoerder, C.R. Canizares, N.S. Schulz, D. Dewey (MIT)

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