AAS 195th Meeting, January 2000
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 26. Compact Objects: Old, New and Anomalous Friends

Oral, Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 10:00-11:30am, Hanover F and G

26.01 Search for the Identification of 3EG J1835+5918: Evidence for a New Type of High-Energy Gamma-Ray Source?
J.P. Halpern, N. Mirabal (Columbia U.), M. Eracleous (Penn State), R.H. Becker (UC Davis)
26.02D Investigations of GeV Sources in the Galactic Plane
M. S. E. Roberts, R. W. Romani (Stanford University), N. Kawai (RIKEN)
26.03 The X-ray Spectra of the Jets in the SS 433 system using the Chandra HETGS
H.L. Marshall, N.S. Schulz, D. Dewey, C.R. Canizares (MIT CSR)
26.04 Chandra HETG/ACIS Observation of A ``Radio-Loud" Black Hole Candidate 1E1740.7-2942
W. Cui, N. S. Schulz, H. V. D. Bradt, M. W. Bautz, F. K. Baganoff, J. P. Doty, G. R. Ricker (MIT), G. P. Garmire (Penn State University)
26.05 The Origin of Soft Gamma--Ray Repeaters and Anomalous X--ray Pulsars
D. Marsden (NASA/GSFC), R. E. Lingenfelter, R. E. Rothschild (UCSD), J. C. Higdon (Claremont Colleges)
26.06 Phase-Resolved Spectroscopy of the Crab Pulsar using Chandra
G.E. Allen, H. Marshall, C. Canizares (MIT/CSR)
26.07 ASCA Observations of the Young Radio Pulsar J1119-6127
M. J. Pivovaroff, V. M. Kaspi (MIT), F. Camilo (Columbia)
26.08 Precise IPN Localization of the Bursting Pulsar GROJ1744-28
K. Hurley (UCB SSL), C. Kouveliotou (USRA-MSFC), A. Harmon, G. Fishman, M. Briggs (NASA-MSFC), J. van Paradijs (UAH, Astron. Inst. "Anton Pannekoek"), J. Kommers, W. Lewin (MIT-CSR), T. Cline (NASA-GSFC)

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