AAS 195th Meeting, January 2000
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 24. Extrasolar Planets and Substellar Companions

Oral, Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 10:00-11:30am, Regency VI

24.01 The Vulcan Photometer: A Dedicated Photometer for Extrasolar Planet Searches
W. J. Borucki, D. A. Caldwell, D. G. Koch (NASA Ames Research Center), L. D. Webster, J. M. Jenkins (SETI Institute), Z. Ninkov (Rochester Institute of Technology)
24.02D An Infrared Coronagraphic Survey for Substellar Companions
P.J. Lowrance (UCLA Division of Astronomy)
24.03D Extrasolar Giant Planets Under Strong Stellar Irradiation
S. Seager (Institute for Advanced Study)
24.04D Microlensing Constraints on the Frequency of Jupiter Mass Planets
B. S. Gaudi, M. D. Albrow, J.-P. Beaulieu, J. A. R. Caldwell, D. L. DePoy, M. Dominik, A. Gould, J. Greenhill, K. Hill, S. Kane, R. Martin, J. Menzies, R. M. Naber, R. W. Pogge, K. R. Pollard, P. D. Sackett, K. C. Sahu, P. Vermaak, R. Watson, A. Williams (The PLANET Collaboration)
24.05 Transfer of Potentially Life-carrying Meteoroids from One Planetary System to Another
M.J. Valtonen, J.Q. Zheng (Turku U.), C. Mileikowsky (KTH, Stockholm), L. Lindegren (Lund U.), H. Rickman (Uppsala U.), F.A. Cucinotta (JSRC, NASA), J.W. Wilson (LSRC, NASA), B. Gladman (U.Toronto), G. Horneck (DLR, Cologne), J. Melosh (U.Arizona)
24.06 Signatures of Exo-solar Planets in Circumstellar Dust Disks
L. Ozernoy (GMU & GSFC/NASA), N. Gorkavyi (NRC-NAS), J. Mather (GSFC/NASA), T. Taidakova (CCS)

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