AAS 195th Meeting, January 2000
Session 49. Molecules, Masers, and Star Formation
Display, Thursday, January 13, 2000, 9:20am-6:30pm, Grand Hall

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[49.04] Imaging and Simulations of CO Molecular Outflows

C.-F. Lee (UMD), L. Mundy (UMD), J. Stone (UMD), E. Ostriker (UMD)

We present the BIMA interferometric observations of CO J=1-0 line toward the quadrupolar molecular outflow in L 723. Our observations reveal the limb-brightened shell structures of the N-S oriented outflow pair centered at VLA2. At high angular resolution, the southern lobe turns out to have two bow emission structures.

Position-velocity diagram along the major axis of the N-S oriented outflow shows an tilted opening structure centered at VLA2 and two bow shock signatures at the tip of the southern lobe.

There is also emission extending from VLA2 to the east and west. The emission to the east extending with exactly the same orientation of the H2 emission and also forms a limb-brightened shell structure around it. VLA2 is associated with all the emission, indicative of its role being the source driving the quadrupolar molecular outflow.

To better understand the observations and test specific outflow models, we are performing a number of numerical hydrodynamic simulations. This poster presents simulations of a jet, as well as a wide-angle stellar wind, propagating into a stratified ambient material. In the jet simulations, the jet-driven bow shock forms a thin cylindrical shell of swept-up gas around the jet, with the velocity vector of the shell material perpendicular to the shell surface. In the wind simulations, the wind sweeps up a thin shell of ambient material, with the velocity vector of the shell material more radially directed than that in the jet simulations. We present the comparison of the CO emission structures and kinematics in our simulations with that of the observations.

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