AAS 195th Meeting, January 2000
Session 53. ISM: Ionized Gas
Display, Thursday, January 13, 2000, 9:20am-6:30pm, Grand Hall

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[53.02] EURD Observations of EUV and FUV Interstellar Radiation

J. Edelstein, C.S. Bowyer, E. Korpela, M. Lampton (SSL, UC Berkeley), J. Trapero, J.F. Gomez, C. Morales, V. Orozco (LAEFF/INTA)

The EURD spectrograph, aboard the MINISAT satellite, is sensitive to diffuse radiation in the 350-1100 Åband. Emission measurements in this band-pass are essential to understanding the characteristics and cooling processes of the hot, local interstellar medium (ISM). We present EURD observations of the cosmic background emission between 450 to 1100 Å. In comparison with previous results, these EURD observations have improved the limits to the background intensity of 450 to 900 Åline emission by one to two orders of magnitude. The improved EURD sensitivity has been obtained with a simultaneous factor of five improvement in spectral resolution, compared to the previous most sensitive measurement. The EURD limit to the OVI far UV emission is the lowest yet reported. Our EURD results constrain theoretical models for emission from the local ISM.

The development of EURD was partially supported by NASA, INTA, DGCYT and Junta de Andelucia, Spain.

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