AAS 195th Meeting, January 2000
Session 80. Catalogs and Surveys
Display, Friday, January 14, 2000, 9:20am-6:30pm, Grand Hall

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[80.03] Going Faint and Variable: The Faint Sky Variability Survey

P. Groot (CfA), M. Everett, S. Howell (AG/PSI), P. Vreeswijk (Univ. Amsterdam), M. Huber (AG/PSI), J. van Paradijs (Univ. Amsterdam)

Using the Wide Field Camera on the 2.5m Isaac Newton Telescope on the island of La Palma, we are conducting a survey, covering a total of 50 sq. deg., specifically designed to search for photometrically and astrometrically variables stars. We can identify variability time-scales between tens of minutes and one year and we obtain color information (B,V,I) for all fields. The design and sensitivity of the WFC allows us to obtain light-curves at unprecedented limits and precisions ranging from 5 mmag errors at V=17 to 0.1 mag at V=24.5.

Main targets of the survey include interacting close binary systems (CV, LMXBs, SXTs, AM CVn systems), RR Lyrae stars in the galactic halo, optical counterparts to Gamma-Ray Bursts, Kuiper Belt Objects and high proper motion stars in the Solar Neighborhood. We also have identified numerous very red sources likely to be very low-mass stars and brown dwarfs. We will present the results of our first year of observations which cover a total of 9 square degrees.

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