AAS 195th Meeting, January 2000
Session 88. Space Missions and Techniques
Display, Friday, January 14, 2000, 9:20am-6:30pm, Grand Hall

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[88.11] Narrow band imaging of the Cygnus Loop in the VUV

R. Indebetouw, E. Wilkinson, J. Green (CASA, U Colorado), P. Jelinksy (U California - Berkeley)

Narrow band imaging, typically difficult in the vacuum UV, can be accomplished using windows with different short wavelength transmission cutoffs. The cutoffs of fluoride crystals are temperature dependent, and can be tuned to bracket astrophysically important emission lines. We will fly a sounding rocket payload to image a large section of the Cygnus Loop SNR, in the light of the NV 1240Åemission line. We present the science goals, filter transmission lab results, and instrument design.

This project is supported by a NASA sounding rocket grant to U Colorado, and an NSF graduate research fellowship to R.I.

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