AAS 195th Meeting, January 2000
Session 110. Planetary Nebulae
Display, Saturday, January 15, 2000, 9:20am-4:00pm, Grand Hall

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[110.05] Spectroscopic Imaging of the Planetary Nebula BD+30\arcdeg3639

C. A. Welch, J. L. Pipher, W. J. Forrest (University of Rochester), C. E. Woodward (Wyoming Infrared Observatory)

We present near-infrared (NIR) images of the young planetary nebula BD +30\arcdeg3639. Our images reveal [FeII] line emission in BD +30\arcdeg3639, as well as emission from the 3.29 \mum and 3.40 \mum PAH dust features. The spatial distributions of these three emission features are very similar, mostly interior to the H2 emission (Shupe et al. 1998), and approximately cospatial with the outer edge of the HII region (Bryce et al. 1997, Harrington et al. 1997). This configuration is suggestive of a photo-dissociation region (PDR). The emission properties and stellar parameters of this planetary nebula are quite similar to those of Hubble 12. We propose that BD +30\arcdeg3639 (which has a higher kinematic age than Hubble 12: Kawamura & Masson 1996, Miranda & Solf 1989) may represent the future of Hubble 12's evolution.

Infrared astronomy at the University of Rochester is supported by grants from the NSF and NASA and by contributions from the Astronomical Society of New York.

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