31st Annual Meeting of the DPS, October 1999
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 66. Europa: Internal Structure and Life

Contributed Oral Parallel Session, Chair: R.W. Carlson, T. McCord, Friday, October 15, 1999, 8:30-10:00am, Sala Pietro d'Abano

66.01 Quantitative Models of Tidal Dissipation and Heat Transport in Europa
W. B. Moore, G. Schubert (Dept. of Earth and Space Sciences and IGPP, UCLA)
66.02 The Tidal Response of Europa
G Schubert, W. B. Moore (Dept. of Earth and Space Sciences and IGPP, UCLA)
66.03 How Deep Can the Ice Shell on Europa be Radar-Sounded in the Presence of Convection?
W.B. McKinnon (Dept. EPSc, Washington Univ.)
66.04 Heat Transfer Through the Outer Ice Shell of Europa : Constraints on the Presence of a Deep Ocean
C. Sotin, J. Castillo, F. Deschamps, O. Grasset, A. Mocquet (Universite de Nantes)
66.05 Constraints on the thickness of the Europan lithosphere from numerical models of crater collapse
E.P. Turtle, C.B. Phillips, H.J. Melosh, A.S. McEwen (LPL, Univ. of Arizona)
66.06 Cycloidal features on Europa: Circumstantial evidence for a global ocean
G. V. Hoppa, B.R. Tufts, R. Greenberg, P.E. Geissler (LPL University of Arizona)
66.07 Cracks, ridges, and chaos: Europa un bel posto per vivere
R. Greenberg, B.R. Tufts, G.V. Hoppa, P. Geissler, J. Riley (LPL, U. Arizona)
66.08 Earth Analogs for Life on Europa
W.L. Davis (NASA Ames/SETI Institute), C.P. McKay (NASA Ames)
66.09 Free Energy for Life on Europa
C.F. Chyba (SETI Institute and Stanford University)

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