31st Annual Meeting of the DPS, October 1999
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 65. Outer Planet Atmospheres

Contributed Oral Parallel Session, Chair: R.A. West, K.H. Baines, Friday, October 15, 1999, 8:30-10:00am, Sala Astrolabio Kursaal

65.01 Jupiter's Major Anti-Cyclonic Systems: A Galileo/NIMS Perspective
K.H. Baines, R.W. Carlson, L.W. Kamp (JPL/CalTech), Galileo/NIMS Team
65.02 The 5-\mum absorbing clouds on Jupiter and their correlation with both visible/near-IR albedo, and far-IR radiance variations
P.G.J. Irwin, A.L. Weir, F.W. Taylor (Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics, Oxford University), S. Franquet (Paris University), R.W. Carlson (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
65.03 A Detection of Water Ice on Jupiter
A. A. Simon-Miller (Cornell), B. Conrath (GSFC), P. Gierasch (Cornell), R. Beebe (NMSU)
65.04 The spatial variation of water and ammonia near Jupiter's Great Red Spot
G. L. Bjoraker (NASA/GSFC), G. S. Orton (JPL), A. D. Collard (UK Meteorological Office), L. A. Sromovsky (U. of Wisconsin)
65.05 Galileo and HST Observations of Jupiterís Polar Stratospheric Haze
R.A. West (Jet Propulsion Lab, Caltech)
65.06 Adaptive Optics Imaging of Neptune with the W.M. Keck Telescope
B. Macintosh, C.E. Max (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), H. Roe (U.C. Berkeley), S. Gibbard, D. Gavel (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), S. Acton, O. Lai, P. Wizinowich (California Association for Research in Astronomy), I. de Pater (U.C. Berkeley), A. Ghez (U.C.L.A.), K. Baines (JPL)
65.07 Neptune's atmospheric circulation as inferred from 1994-1996 HST images.
L. A. Sromovsky, P. M. Fry (University of Wisconsin - Madison), T. E. Dowling (University of Louisville), S. S. Limaye (University of Wisconsin - Madison), K. H. Baines (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
65.08 New constraints on the stratification of Jupiterís atmosphere below the visible clouds derived from Galileo Probe ASI measurements
J.A. Magalhaes, A. Seiff (NASA Ames Research Center/SJSUF), R.E. Young (NASA Ames Research Center)
65.09 3-Dimmensional Simulation of Storm Dynamics on the Giant Planets
R. Hueso, A. S\'anchez-Lavega (UPV)

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