31st Annual Meeting of the DPS, October 1999
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 58. Io Posters

Poster Group II, Thursday-Friday, October 14, 1999, Kursaal Center

58.01 Io: Recent Imaging Results from Galileo
A. McEwen (LPL, University of Arizona), C. Phillips, E. Turtle, P. Geissler (LPL), D. Simonelli (Cornell U.), Galileo SSI Team
58.02 The Nature of the Brightenings at Loki
R. R. Howell, A. Grocholski, J. L. Gregg, C. Crumrine (U. of Wyoming)
58.03 The symmetrical shape of the Pillan and Pele volcanic plumes on Io as a constraint on eruption conditions
V. Cataldo, L. Wilson (PSRG, Lancaster University, UK.)
58.04 Mapping the SO2 Frost on Io by the Modeling of NIMS Hyperspectral Images
S. Dout\'e (IGPP UCLA), R. Lopes-Gautier, R. Carlson (JPL), B. Schmitt (CNRS LPG), L. Soderblom (USGS Flagstaff), Galileo NIMS Team
58.05 HST-Galileo Io Campaign
F. Bagenal (LASP, University of Colorado), HST8 Io Campaign Team
58.06 Eclipse Egress Growth of the Na I Column Density in the Vicinity of Io
C.M. Anderson (Department of Astronomy, University of Wisconsin - Madison), J. Corliss, F. Scherb (U. of Wisconsin - Madison), A.E. Potter (Lunar and Planetary Institute)
58.07 The Relationship Between Ios Sodium Clouds and Volcanic Activity on Io
M. Mendillo, J. K. Wilson, J. Baumgardner (Boston University), N. M. Schneider (LASP/University of Colorado), J. Spencer, J. Stansberry (Lowell Observatory), B. Flynn (CEA/UC Berkeley), J. T. Trauger (JPL)
58.08 Simultaneous HST/STIS and Groundbased Observations of Sulfur in the {Io} Plasma Torus
R.C. Woodward, F.L. Roesler (U Wisc), R.J. Oliversen (NASA/GSFC), W.H. Smyth (AER), H.W. Moos (JHU), F. Scherb (U Wisc)
58.09 EUV Imaging Spectrography of the Io Plasma Torus
B. R. Sandel, F. Herbert, A. L. Broadfoot, A. J. Dessler (U. Arizona)
58.10 Dynamical Time Scales in the Io Plasma Torus
F. Herbert (U.Arizona), G.R. Gladstone (SWRI)
58.11 Characterization of the UV Emissions from Io's Equatorial Spots.
K.D. Retherford, H.W. Moos, D.F. Strobel, B.C. Wolven (JHU), R.J. Oliversen (GSFC)
58.12 Ground-Based Observations of [OI]6300Å\ Emission from Io
F. Scherb (U Wisc), R.J. Oliversen (NASA/GSFC), M.E. Freed (Raytheon), J. Corliss, R.C. Woodward (U Wisc), W.H. Smyth (AER), J.P. Morgenthaler (U Wisc), O.L. Lupie (CSC), K.D. Retherford (JHU)
58.13 Emission Profiles of Neutral Oxygen and Sulfur in Io's Exospheric Corona
B.C. Wolven, H.W. Moos, P.D. Feldman, K.D. Retherford, D.F. Strobel (JHU), W.H. Smyth (AER, Inc.), F.L. Roesler (UW-M), R.J. Oliversen (GSFC)

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