31st Annual Meeting of the DPS, October 1999
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 49. Mars Atmosphere: Structure Posters

Poster Group II, Thursday-Friday, October 14, 1999, Kursaal Center

49.01 Experimentally Determined Vapor Pressures of Carbon Dioxide from 167 to 87 K
R.N. Nelson (GaSouU), B.P. Michael (NASA-NRC/GSFC), J.E. Allen, Jr. (NASA/GSFC)
49.02 Nitrate Formation by Lightning and Entry Shock on Early Mars
C.P. McKay (NASA Ames), R. Navarro-Gonz\'alez (UNAM)
49.03 Seasonal Variations of Martian Clouds and Volatiles
D. R. Klassen, W. Peppard, T. Scabarozi, Jr. (Rowan University), J. F. Bell III (Cornell University)
49.04 The Mars Regional Atmospheric Modeling System
T. I. Michaels, S. C. R. Rafkin (San Jose State University), R. Haberle (NASA Ames Research Center)
49.05 Mars middle-atmosphere dynamic from mapping CO with the IRAM Plateau de Bure Interferometer.
R. Moreno, S. Guilloteau (IRAM), E. Lellouch, T. Encrenaz (DESPA), F. Forget, E. Chassefiere, F. Jegou (LMD)
49.06 Stationary Planetary Waves in the Mars Atmosphere
J. M. Forbes (University of Colorado)
49.07 ISO Observations of Mars: a Determination of the Water Vapor Vertical Distribution and the Surface Emissivity
M.J. Burgdorf (ESA), Th. Encrenaz, E. Lellouch (DESPA), H. Feuchtgruber (MPIE), G.R. Davis (University of Saskatchewan), B.M. Swinyard (RAL), Th. de Graauw, P.W. Morris (SRON), S.D. Sidher, M.J. Griffin (QMW)
49.08 Mars Global Surveyor TES Results: Atmospheric Thermal Structure Retrieved from Limb Measurements
B.J. Conrath (Cornell Univ), J.C. Pearl, M.D. Smith (NASA GSFC), P.R. Christensen (Arizona State Univ., Tempe)

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