31st Annual Meeting of the DPS, October 1999
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 47. Mars Surface: Spectra Posters

Poster Group II, Thursday-Friday, October 14, 1999, Kursaal Center

47.01 A Non-basal-melting Origin of the Possible Sub-polar Water on Mars as Derived from Lake Vostok Modeling and MOLA Data
N.S. Duxbury (JPL), I.A. Zotikov (Inst. of Geography), K.H. Nealson (JPL)
47.02 Mineralogic Surface Expressions of Hydrothermal Alteration Systems as Mapped with Imaging Spectroscopy: Applications to Mars
R.N. Clark, G.A. Swayze, T.V.V. King, K.E. Livo, R.F. Kokaly, J.B. Dalton (USGS)
47.03 Predicted colors of the Martian surface and sky as viewed from the Mars Polar Lander cameras.
J. Maki (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena), D. Paige (University of California, Los Angeles), K. Herkenhoff (US Geological Survey, Flagstaff), A. Pathare (University of California, Los Angeles), P. Smith (University of Arizona, Tucson), D. Crisp (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena)
47.04 Minero-petrographic studies of a possible Martian analogue environment: Specchio di Venere Lake, Pantelleria Island (Italy).
A. Baliva, L. Marinangeli, E. Piluso, G.G. Ori, V. Ruscito (International Research School for Planetary Sciences (IRSPS))
47.05 Imaging Spectrometry of SNC Meteorites: A Lesson for sample analysis on Martian surface
A. Maturilli, V. Formisano, D. Grassi, G. Bellucci (IFSI-CNR, Area di ricerca Roma Tor Vergata, Italy)
47.06 Near-IR Imaging Spectroscopy of Mars Using the KPNO Cryogenic Grating Spectrometer (CRSP)
D.A. Glenar, G.L. Bjoraker (NASA-GSFC), D.L. Blaney (JPL), R. Joyce (KPNO), F. Espenak (NASA-GSFC), L. Young (Boston U.)
47.07 The Martian Thermal State: Spinel-Perovskite Viscosity Contrasts
O. Forni (IAS-CNRS), C. Federico (Univ. Perugia), P. Cerroni (IAS-CNR)
47.08 Near-Infrared hyperspectral image cubes of Mars during the 1999 opposition
J. Hillman, D. Glenar, F. Espenak (NASA, GSFC), N. Chanover, J. Murphy (NMSU), L. Young (Boston U), W. Blass (U Tenn)
47.09 Objectives and Capabilities of the Deep Space 2 (DS2) Evolved Water Experiment
A. S. Yen (JPL), B. Murray (Caltech), A. P. Zent (NASA Ames)
47.10 Highly-oblique forward-scattered surface radio echoes from Mars Global Surveyor
R.A. Simpson (Stanford University)
47.11 The MVACS Soil Temperature Probe
S. E. Wood (Univ. of Washington), D. A. Paige, A. Nguyen (UCLA), D. Crisp, R. Alleruzzo, C. Labaw, C. Mahoney, R. Vargas, H. Gunderson, D. Braun, J. Slostad, R. Manvi, K. Brown, E. Oakes (JPL)

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