31st Annual Meeting of the DPS, October 1999
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 46. Mars Surface: Evidence of Change Posters

Poster Group II, Thursday-Friday, October 14, 1999, Kursaal Center

46.01 The Paleomagnetic Record on Mars: Implications for the existence of a primordial ocean
J.T. Eckberg (Montana State University)
46.02 Origin of Recent Fluvio-lacustrine Activity in the Durius Valles Region of Mars
N. Cabrol, E. Grin (SETI Institute/NASA Ames Research Center, US), L. Marinangeli (IRSPS, Italy and NASA Ames Research Center, US)
46.03 Flow-like features in Valles Marineris, Mars: Possible ice-driven creep processes
A.P. Rossi, G. Komatsu (IRSPS, Universita' d'Annunzio, Pescara, Italy), J.S. Kargel (Astrogeology Team, USGS, Flagstaff, Arizona, U.S.A.)
46.04 The 1999 Silver Lake Marsokhod Field Test: Simulation of a Mars Rover Sample Return Mission
C.R. Stoker, N. Cabrol (NASA Ames Research Center)
46.05 Numerical simulations of cataclysmic floods: A coupling model of surface and subsurface flow.
H. Miyamoto (Univ. Tokyo), G. Komatsu (IRSPS), K. Ito (OYO Corp.), H. Tosaka (Univ. Tokyo), T. Tokunaga (Univ. Tokyo)
46.06 Mars: Viscoelastic Reponse and Planetary Rotational Dynamics
O. Aharonson, B.H. Hager (MIT)

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