31st Annual Meeting of the DPS, October 1999
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 40. Dust

Contributed Oral Parallel Session, Chair: D. French, E. Grun, Thursday, October 14, 1999, 8:30-9:40am, Sala Astrolabio Kursaal

40.01 Mars Dust Counter on Board NOZOMI: Initial Operation
S. Sasaki (Geol. Inst., Univ. Tokyo), E. Igenbergs (LRT, TU-Muenchen), H. Ohashi (Tokyo Univ. Fisheries), R. Muenzenmayer, W. Naumann, G. Hofschuster, G. Farber, F. Fischer (TU-Muenchen), A. Fujiwara (ISAS), A. Glasmachers (Univ. Wuppertal), E. Gruen (MPI-Kernphysik), Y. Hamabe (Univ. Tokyo), H. Iglseder (STMS), H. Miyamoto (Univ. Tokyo), K. Morishige (ISAS), T. Mukai (Kobe Univ.), K. Nogami (Dokkyo Univ. School Med.), G. Schwehm, H. Svedhem (ESA/ESTEC), K. Yamakoshi (Univ. Tokyo)
40.02 Frequency Modulation and Evolution in the Galileo Dust Detector Data
A.L. Graps (MPI-K), E. Gr\"un (MPI-K), H. Svedhem (ESTEC), H. Kr\"uger (MPI-K)
40.03 Dust from the Galilean Satellites
D.P. Hamilton (U. Maryland), H. Kr\"uger (MPIK, Germany)
40.04 Magnetospheric Capture of Interplanetary Dust at Jupiter and Saturn
J. E. Colwell, M. Horanyi (LASP, University of Colorado)
40.05 The Fingerprint of the Magnetosphere on the Jovian Rings
M. Hor\'anyi (LASP)
40.06 Initial measurements with the dust detector onboard Cassini
R. Srama, A. Graps, E. Gruen, S. Helfert, S. Kempf, H. Krueger (Max-Planck-Institut fuer Kernphysik), CDA-dust-science Team
40.07 Poynting-Robertson Drag Capture of Interstellar Particles
A. A. Jackson (Lunar and Planetary Institute)

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