31st Annual Meeting of the DPS, October 1999
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 11. Asteroid Posters

Poster Group I, Monday-Wednesday, October 11, 1999, Kursaal Center

11.01 Extending the McDonald Observatory Serendipitous Survey of UV/Blue Asteroid Spectra
F. Vilas (NASA JSC), A. L. Cochran (U. Texas)
11.02 The UH Near-Earth Asteroid Composition Survey: An Update
R.J. Whiteley, D.J. Tholen (University of Hawaii, IfA)
11.03 Imaging Observations of Asteroids with HST
A. Storrs, E. Wells (STScI), B. Zellner (Ga. Sou. U.), A. Stern, D. Durda (SwRI)
11.04 Beyond Taxonomy: Trends in the SMASS II Asteroid Data Set
S. J. Bus, R. P. Binzel, T. H. Burbine (M. I. T.)
11.05 Ultraviolet Observations of Phobos, Deimos, Gaspra and Ida from Mariner 9 and Galileo
K. E. Simmons, A. R. Hendrix (LASP/ U. of CO)
11.06 Spectroscopic investigation of asteroid targets of spacecraft missions Rosetta and Deep Space 1.
M. Lazzarin, S. Fornasier, C. Barbieri (Astronomy Dept., Padova University), M. Di Martino (Torino Astronomical Observatory)
11.07 Testing the Prediction of Iron Alteration Minerals on Low Albedo Asteroids
K. S. Jarvis (L-MSO), F. Vilas (NASA JSC), E. S. Howell (NAIC), M. S. Kelley (NASA JSC), A. L. Cochran (U. Texas)
11.08 Plans for Radar Imaging of Asteroid 216 Kleopatra
S. J. Ostro (JPL/Caltech), R. S. Hudson (Washington State U.), M. C. Nolan (NAIC), C. Magri (U. Maine), D. B. Campbell (Cornell), J. D. Giorgini, D. K. Yeomans (JPL/Caltech)

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