31st Annual Meeting of the DPS, October 1999
Session 68. Mars Atmosphere: Relation to Surface Features and Poles II
Contributed Oral Parallel Session, Friday, October 15, 1999, 10:30-11:40am, Sala Plenaria

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[68.03] Simulation of Mars Landing Sites with the Mars Regional Atmospheric Modeling System

S. C. R. Rafkin (San Jose State University), R. Haberle (NASA Ames Research Center), T. I. Michaels (San Jose State University)

This talk presents results from the Mars Regional Atmospheric Modeling System, a numerical model of the Martian atmosphere that may be used to simulate circulations on the mesoscale [(O)100km] and smaller [(0)10m]. The model core is derived from a terrestrial version, but has been modified to include Mars-appropriate physics such as the radiation scheme from the NASA Ames Mars GCM. The model is useful for studying the diurnal evolution of the convective and stable boundary layer, thermally-induced and slope flows, physiographically-forced flows, and atmosphere-surface interactions. Simulations from the the Viking Landers, Mars Pathfinder and (potential) Mars '98 sites are presented and compared with available observations. These simulations were conducted using initial atmospheric conditions predicted by the NASA Ames GCM. Future model development and simulations are also discussed.

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