AAS Meeting #194 - Chicago, Illinois, May/June 1999
Session 42. New Views of the Solar Interior
Solar, Oral, Tuesday, June 1, 1999, 8:30-10:00am, Continental Ballroom C

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[42.06] The Meaning of Travel Time in Time-Distance Helioseismology

S. D'Silva (Michigan State U.)

Oscillation signals measured at two spatial locations on the Sun are cross-correlated and the position of the envelope peak or a phase peak of the correlation function is called the travel time. The relation of this observationally derived quantity and the theoretical travel time of a wavepacket between the two locations is not unique. The conditions that establish uniqueness are given and the effects of breaking the uniqueness criteria are demonstrated.

The oscillation signals are measured over a finite area at each spatial location. The effect of spatial averaging and the meaning of the observationally derived quantity called travel time is discussed.

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