HEAD Division Meeting 1999
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Session 9. Stellar Coronae

Poster, Monday, April 12, 1999, 8:30am-6:10pm, Gold Room

9.01 Settling onto the Main Sequence: ROSAT Observations of h and \chi Per
Nancy Remage Evans, Fredrick D. Seward (SAO)
9.02 Radio and X-ray Coronal Activity on Nearby Young K and M Dwarfs
A. Brown, R.A. Osten (CASA, U. of Colorado), C.W. Ambruster (Villanova U.), G.E. Bromage (U. of Central Lancashire, UK), R. Jeffries (Keele U., UK)
9.03 ASCA Spectra of the Central Star of the Orion Nebula: a Magnetic O star
M. Gagne (Rutgers), J. P. Caillault, I. Song (Georgia), Y. Tsuboi (Kyoto), J.L. Linsky (JILA), J.R. Stauffer (CfA)
9.04 The Magnetic Lives of Giant Stars
T.R. Ayres, A. Brown (CASA)
9.05 Coronal Element Abundances in the G8 V Star \xi Boo A
J. Martin Laming (NRL), Jeremy J. Drake (SAO)
9.06 The 1998 ASCA/EUVE Campaign on the Active Binary UX Ari
S.A. Drake (USRA \& GSFC), N.E. White (GSFC), A.K. Dupree, N.S. Brickhouse, J. Sanz-Forcada (SAO), K.P. Singh (TIFR)
9.07 Quasi-Continuum Line Emission from Fe VII--X in the Extreme Ultraviolet Region below 120 \AA
P. Beiersdorfer (LLNL), J.K. Lepson (SSL), G.V. Brown, D.A. Liedahl, C.W. Mauche, S.B. Utter (LLNL), S.M. Kahn (Columbia)
9.08 Cataloguing the Lines from the Intermediate Charge States of Iron, Fe{\sc vii} through Fe{\sc xxiv}, in the Extreme Ultraviolet below 150 \AA
J.K. Lepson (SSL), P. Beiersdorfer, G.V. Brown, D.A. Liedahl, C.W. Mauche, S.B. Utter (LLNL), S.M. Kahn (Columbia)
9.09 The ASCA/EUVE Campaign: Structure and Abundances of the Eclipsing Binary AR Lac
N.S. Brickhouse, A.K. Dupree, J. Sanz-Forcada (CfA), S.A. Drake, N.E. White (NASA/GSFC), K.P. Singh (Tata Inst.)
9.10 Laboratory Measurements of the Fe XVIII-XXIV L-Shell X-Ray Spectra
G. V. Brown, P. Beiersdorfer, D. A. Liedahl, S. B. Utter, K. Widmann, V. Decaux (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

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