HEAD Division Meeting 1999
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Session 26. Missions and Instruments

Poster, Wednesday, April 14, 1999, 8:30am Wed. - 2:00pm Thurs., Gold Room

26.01 ALLEGRO: ALl sky Low Energy Gamma Ray Observatory
M. Ulmer (Northwestern University), D. Dixon (UC Riverside), G. Pendleton (UAH), W. Wheaton (IPAC/CIT), S. Matz (Northwestern University), J. Finley (Purdue University), W. Purcell, R. Nyquist, J. Jonaitis (Ball)
26.02 HESS - A System of Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes for Stereoscopic Air Shower Observations in the >50 GeV Energy Range
H. Krawczynski (Max-Planck-Institut f\"ur Kernphysik, Heidelberg, Germany), HESS Collaboration
26.03 The Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System (VERITAS)
John P. Finley (Purdue University), VERITAS Collaboration
26.04 Background Studies of a Position Sensitive CdZnTe X-ray Detector at Balloon Altitudes
K. Slavis, P. Dowkontt, J. Epstein, P. Hink (Washington University), J. Matteson, F. Duttweiler, G. Huszar, P. Leblanc, R. Skelton, E. Stephan (University of California, San Diego)
26.05 Preview of the BATSE Earth Occultation Catalog of Low Energy Gamma Ray Sources
B.A. Harmon, C.A. Wilson, G.J. Fishman (NASA/MSFC), M.L. McCollough, C.R. Robinson, M. Sahi (USRA/NASA/MSFC), W.S. Paciesas, S.N. Zhang (Univ. of Alabama, Huntsville/NASA/MSFC)
26.06 Latest Capabilities of and Results from the RXTE ASM
A. M. Levine, H. V. Bradt, W. Cui, E. Morgan, R. A. Remillard, D. A. Smith, L. Wen (M.I.T. Center for Space Research)
26.07 Recent Progress in Modelling the RXTE Proportional Counter Array Instrumental Background
K. Jahoda, T.E. Strohmayer (GSFC), D.A. Smith, M.J. Stark (GSFC/U. Md.)
26.08 Minute-of-Arc Resolution Gamma ray Imaging Experiment -- MARGIE
P.P. Altice, M.L. Cherry, T.G. Guzik, S.C. Kappadath (LSU, Baton Rouge), J.G. Stacy (LSU, Southern U.), J. Macri, M.L. McConnell, J.M. Ryan (UNH, Durham), D.L. Band, J.L. Matteson (UCSD, San Diego), T.J. O'Neill, A.D. Zych (UCR, Riverside), J. Buckley, P.L. Hink (Washinton U., St. Louis)
26.09 Olympus: A New Launcher for NASA
J. Tueller, R. Mauk (NASA/GSFC), S. Raque (NASA/WFF), M. Heun, K. Nock (Global Aerospace Corp), L. Petro, H. Ford (Johns Hopkins Univ.)
26.10 Calibration of the point spread function for the RGS on XMM
J. Spodek (Columbia Astrophysics Labs), G. Branduardi-Raymont (Mullard Space Science Lab), H. Brauninger (Max Planck, Panter), A. Brinkman (Space Research Organization of the Netherlands), J. Cottam (Columbia Astrophysics Labs), C. de Vries, A. den Boggende, J. W. den Herder (Space Research Organization of the Netherlands), C. Erd (ESA/ESTEC), S. Kahn (Columbia Astrophysics Labs), F. Paerels (Space Research Organization of the Netherlands), A. Rasmussen (Columbia Astrophysics Labs)
26.11 The Relativistic Astrophysics Explorer - A New Mission for X-Ray Timing
P. Kaaret, J.E. Grindlay (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), E.H. Morgan (MIT), J.H. Swank, W. Zhang (NASA/GSFC)
26.12 The Swift Burst Alert Telescope (BAT)
A. Parsons (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center), S. Barthelmy, L. Barbier (NASA/Goddard), E. Fenimore (Los Alamos National Laboratory), N. Gehrels, D. Palmer, J. Tueller (NASA/Goddard)
26.13 AXAF CCD Imaging Spectrometer Calibration Accuracy
Mark Bautz (MIT Center for Space Research), ACIS Calibration Team
26.14 A Wide Field of View X-Ray Telescope for GLAST
William Zhang, Kevin Black, Philip Deines-Jones, Stanley Hunter, Keith Jahoda, Greg Madejski, Andrew Peele, Robert Petre, Nicholas White (Goddard Space Flight Center)
26.15 The First 20 Days of ACIS's Life after Launch
P.P. Plucinsky (SAO), ACIS-OPS Team
26.16 InFOCuS: A Hard X-ray Focusing Optics Instrument
J. Tueller, L. Barbier, S.D. Barthelmy, N. Gehrels, D. Palmer, A. Parsons, R. Petre, P. Serlemitsos, C. Stahle, N. White (NASA/GSFC), H. Kunieda, Y. Ogasaka, Y. Tawara, K. Yamashita (Univ. of Nagoya), B. Barber, E. Dereniak, D. Marks, E. Young (Univ. of Arizona), F. Berendse, W. Baumgardner, M. Leventhal (Univ. Of Maryland at College Park)

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