HEAD Division Meeting 1999
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Session 22. Cosmic Rays and Neutrinos

Oral, Tuesday, April 13, 1999, 11:00am-12:40pm, Colonial Room

22.01-INV The Auger Project: An Observatory for the Highest Energy Cosmic Rays
James J. Beatty (Penn State), Pierre Auger Collaboration
22.02-INV The Origin of Iron-Group Cosmic Rays: New Results from ACE
M. E. Wiedenbeck, N. E. Yanasak (JPL), A. C. Cummings, J. S. George, R. A. Leske, R. A. Mewaldt, E. C. Stone (Caltech), E. R. Christian, T. T. von Rosenvinge (NASA/GSFC), W. R. Binns, P. L. Hink, J. Klarmann, M. Lijowski (Washington U.)
22.03-INV The Case of the Missing Neutrinos: Results from SuperKamiokande
T.J. Haines (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
22.04-INV Astrophysics with the MACRO Detector
S.L. Mufson (Indiana University), MACRO Collaboration

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