HEAD Division Meeting 1999
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Session 12. Missions

Oral, Monday, April 12, 1999, 4:30pm-6:10pm, Colonial Room

12.01-INV X-Ray Observations with the Chandra X-Ray Observatory (CXO)
M.C. Weisskopf (NASA-MSFC)
12.02-INV The X-Ray Multi-Mirror Mission: A New Capability for High Throughput X-Ray Spectroscopy.
S. M. Kahn (Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory)
12.03-INV The Astro-E X-Ray Observatory
R.L. Kelley (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center)
12.04-INV GLAST, The Next-Generation High-Energy Gamma-Ray Telescope
N. Gehrels (NASA GSFC), GLAST Science Team
Update 11 March 1999 -- Paper being presented by J. Ormes (NASA GSFC)
12.05-INV Swift - A Panchromatic GRB MIDEX Mission
N. Gehrels (NASA GSFC)

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