HEAD Division Meeting 1999, April 1999
Session 8. Supernova Remnants
Poster, Monday, April 12, 1999, 8:30am-6:10pm, Gold Room

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[8.05] ASCA Spectroscopy of Middle-Aged LMC Supernova Remnants

M. Gagne, J.P. Hughes (Rutgers)

We present ASCA SIS spectra of two LMC supernova remnants, 0548-70.4 and 0534-69.9, extending the sample to larger, older remnants. The SIS0 and SIS1 spectra were combined and modeled as single-temperature, variable abundance, non-equilibrium ionization plasmas. The fits indicate LMC abundances (Z = 0.3) for all even-Z elements except, possibly, Ne and Mg. We compare these results with those for younger, brighter, more compact LMC remnants. We also describe a Sedov-type NEI XSPEC module to model CXO ACIS and XMM EPIC spectra of spatially resolved remnants.

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