HEAD Division Meeting 1999, April 1999
Session 15. X-Ray Binaries
Poster, Tuesday, April 13, 1999, 8:30am-6:02pm, Gold Room

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[15.16] A Search for X-ray Pulses in High Mass X-ray Binaries

Tony A. Hall, John P. Finley (Purdue University)

We present the results of a search for spin periods in high mass X-ray binaries (HMXB) using data from the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE). Our sample of systems was chosen based on the lack of observations by other X-ray observatories and an absence of any known spin and orbital period. These systems were then searched for pulsations presumed to be due to the spin period of a compact object. Approximately half of the known HMXBs contain an X-ray pulsar, all but one of which have pulse periods less than 1000 seconds. With a temporal baseline of over 10000 seconds for each source, we are sensitive to the full range of typical pulse periods.

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