HEAD Division Meeting 1999, April 1999
Session 17. Missions and Instruments
Poster, Tuesday, April 13, 1999, 8:30am-6:02pm, Gold Room

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[17.08] AGILE: a Gamma-Ray Mission

M. Tavani (IFC-CNR and Columbia), G Barbiellini (Univ. Trieste), G. Budini (Univ. Trieste), P. Caraveo (IFC-CNR), E. Costa (IAS-CNR), V. Cocco (Univ. Roma II), G. Di Cocco (ITESRE-CNR), S. Di Pippo (ASI), C. Labanti (ITESRE-CNR), F. Longo (Univ. Trieste), S. Mereghetti (IFC-CNR), A. Morselli (INFN, Roma II), A. Pellizzoni (ASI), F. Perotti (IFC-CNR), P. Picozza (Univ. Roma II), M. Prest (INFN, Trieste), A. Vacchi (INFN, Trieste), S. Vercellone (IFC-CNR)

AGILE is an innovative, cost-effective gamma-ray mission proposed to the Italian Space Agengy (ASI) Program for Small Scientific Missions. It is designed to detect and image gamma-rays in the 30~MeV--50~GeV energy band and operate as an Observatory open to the international community. Primary scientific goals include the study of AGNs, gamma-ray bursts, Galactic sources, unidentified gamma-ray sources, solar flares, and diffuse gamma-ray emission. AGILE is planned to be operational during the year 2002 for a 3-year mission. It will an ideal `bridge' between EGRET and GLAST, and support space observations and ground-based multiwavelength studies of high-energy sources.

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