HEAD Division Meeting 1999, April 1999
Session 35. ISM and Supernova
Oral, Wednesday, April 14, 1999, 11:00am-12:31pm, Colonial Room

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[35.05] Photon and Particle Production in Cassiopeia A: Predictions From Nonlinear Diffusive Shock Acceleration

D. C. Ellison (Physics Dept., North Carolina State Univ.), M. G. Baring (Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics, NASA/GSFC), P. Goret (Service d'Astrophysique, CEA, DSM, DAPNIA, Centre d'Etudes de Saclay, FRANCE)

We calculate ion and electron spectra for Cas A using a nonlinear model of diffusive shock acceleration. With these spectra, we calculate continuum photon emission from radio to gamma-ray energies and compare our results to observations. The observational constraints, particularly the ratio of radio intensity to gamma-ray upper limits, imply that electrons are emitting in an extremely strong magnetic field (of order 1000 \mu G), in accord with previous suggestions. If fields of this strength exist, our models show that cosmic rays with energies >1015 eV can be obtained in this young remnant. Future X- and gamma-ray measurements should strongly constrain models.

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