HEAD Division Meeting 1999, April 1999
Session 4. Clusters of Galaxies
Poster, Monday, April 12, 1999, 8:30am-6:10pm, Gold Room

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[4.06] Large Scale Structure in the ROSAT North Ecliptic Pole Survey

C.R. Mullis, J.P. Henry (IfA-Hawaii), I.M. Gioia (IfA-Hawaii \& IRCNR), H. Boehringer, U.G. Briel, W. Voges (MPE), J.P. Huchra (CfA)

We are using the ROSAT All-Sky Survey around the North Ecliptic Pole to construct a complete sample of galaxy clusters. The deep and contiguous nature of the survey affords us the opportunity to examine large scale structure in the Universe on scales of hundreds of megaparsecs. We have identified over 97% of the 451 X-ray sources in the survey area. The cluster sample now consists of 59 objects with redshifts approaching unity. Surprisingly, some 20% of the clusters exist in a wall-like structure at z~=~0.088 spanning the entire 9\circ \times 9\circ survey region. This is a very significant extension of the membership and spatial extent to a known supercluster in this location. We present an analysis of large scale structure in the region elucidated by this cluster sample and discuss its implications.

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