HEAD Division Meeting 1999, April 1999
Session 23. AGN
Oral, Tuesday, April 13, 1999, 2:00pm-3:34pm, Colonial Room

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[23.01] X-ray variability of AGN

Kirpal Nandra (NASA/GSFC \& USRA)

There has been a recent surge of progress in X-ray variability studies, mainly due to new observations with, e.g., ASCA and RXTE. For example, characteristic time scales are now beginning to emerge. The relationship between X-ray variability and other AGN properties - including the variability in other wavebands - is being explored with data of unprecedented quality. Similarities in the variability characteristics of Galactic and extragalactic black holes are also becoming increasingly striking.

Nn historical perspective, mainly based on EXOSAT data, will be presented and the new observational results described. Their importance to models of AGN, and in particular the process which powers the X-ray emission, will be discussed. Future prospects will also be reviewed.

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