HEAD Division Meeting 1999, April 1999
Session 2. AGN
Poster, Monday, April 12, 1999, 8:30am-6:10pm, Gold Room

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[2.05] RXTE observations of the Seyfert~2 nuclei Mrk~3 and Mrk~348

D.A. Smith (GSFC/U.~Md.), I. Georgantopoulos (NOA), I. Papadakis (U.~Crete), R.S. Warwick (U.~Leicester), G.C. Stewart (U.~Leicester), R.G. Griffiths (U.~Leicester)

We present RXTE\/ observations of the Seyfert~2 nuclei Mrk~3 and Mrk~348, spanning a period of some 200 days for each source. During the observations, the source intensity varied by a factor ~2 and ~3 for Mrk~3 and Mrk~348, respectively. The data for Mrk~3 are best described by a varying power-law continuum seen through a column density of NH ~1024~cm-2, an unabsorbed and non-varying Compton reflection continuum, together with a strong iron K\alpha emission line. This description is consistent with the reflection continuum originating in the far inner wall of a molecular torus, the nearside of which screens our direct view of the central continuum source. A preliminary analysis of the data for Mrk~348 reveals a complex spectrum which softens as the source brightens.

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