HEAD Division Meeting 1999, April 1999
Session 35. ISM and Supernova
Oral, Wednesday, April 14, 1999, 11:00am-12:31pm, Colonial Room

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[35.01] Gamma-Ray Observations of Nucleosynthesis and Supernova Remnants

Roland Diehl (MPE)

The CGRO sky survey identifies high-energy gamma-ray emission from the plane of the Galaxy as originating from cosmic-ray interactions with interstellar gas. Towards lower gamma-ray energy and the X-ray regime, specific sources become of increasing importance. The radioactivities of 26Al and 44Ti provide specific windows where nucleosynthesis sites can be isolated through gamma-ray surveys in the corresponding lines, thus focussing on one of the candidate source types.

26Al sources most likely relate to massive stars, Wolf-Rayet winds and/or core-collapse supernovae appear responsible for the 26Al in the interstellar medium. Other tracers of massive star locations in the Galaxy are employed to confirm 26Al source types, comparing their spatial distribution to the 1.809 MeV emission. Observations in the 60Fe lines, which would testify a dominating supernova origin, have not been feasible with sufficient sensitivity.

In 44Ti, the Cas A detection had confirmed the core-collapse origin of this isotope. A new and previously unknown supernova remnant appears in 44Ti \gamma-rays in the Vela region. Its overlap with a newly discovered X-ray supernova remnant poses interesting constraints.

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