AAS Meeting #193 - Austin, Texas, January 1999
Session 99. Stellar Atmospheric Activity and Luminous Blue Variables
Display, Saturday, January 9, 1999, 9:20am-4:00pm, Exhibit Hall 1

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[99.09] Massive Stars in M31: Candidate Luminous Blue Variables and the Neighboring OB Associations

N. L. King, R. A. M. Walterbos (NMSU), J. S. Gallagher (U. Wisc.), M. A. Bransford (NMSU)

We present an overview of the massive star content of the metal rich galaxy, M31. We concentrate on Luminous Blue Variables (LBVs) and candidate LBVs (cLBVs), but also discuss their massive stellar neighbors. With the KPNO 0.9-m telescope, we have recently been able to complete an H\alpha and [SII] imaging survey of all major star forming regions in M31. This survey has allowed us to finish our search for cLBVs and B[e] SGs in M31. These data, in conjunction with WIYN 3.5-m optical imaging and ARC 3.5-m infrared imaging, have allowed us also to study the environments within which LBVs and cLBVs are found, e.g. OB associations, the field, or HII regions. The study of the environments is providing limits on the probable ages of these objects, and raises questions about the nature of the cLBVs that are found in the field. We also present new ARC 3.5-m spectra of several more M31 cLBVs. The comparison of spectrally derived radially velocities with the local velocities from HI allows us to estimate space velocities in quest of runaway status. We also derive mass loss rates from the spectra.

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