AAS Meeting #193 - Austin, Texas, January 1999
Session 66. X-Ray/Gamma-Ray Detectors
Display, Friday, January 8, 1999, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall 1

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[66.07] The AXAF HETGS Flight Calibration Pla

H.L. Marshall, D. Dewey, K.A. Flanagan, N.S. Schulz, C.R. Canizares (MIT CSR)

The plan for flight calibration of the High Energy Transmission Grating Spectrometer (HETGS) on the Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility (AXAF) is presented. We will show results from simulations of these observations and potential products of the analsyes. Line response functions and the wavelength scale will be verified using long observations of two stars where the X-ray emission is expected to be dominated by many emission lines: Capella and HR 1099. These response functions will be monitored with somewhat shorter, periodic observations of Capella. An observation of the bright point source Cyg X-2, will provide a high signal/noise check of the cross dispersion profile as a function of energy.

The Crab nebula will be observed in order to provide a check of the absolute effective area (EA) of the HETGS because the target has been observed by many other X-ray telescopes and is not significantly variable. The Crab pulsar will provide a timing signal which can be used to verify absolute time corrections when the detector is operated in the continuous clocking mode. Two bright extragalactic targets are planned in order to search for EA anomalies: Mrk 421 and 3C 273. The quasar 3C 273 will also be observed simultaneously with SAX, ASCA, and XTE, to provide cross calibrations.

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