AAS Meeting #193 - Austin, Texas, January 1999
Session 108. Gravitational Lensing
Display, Saturday, January 9, 1999, 9:20am-4:00pm, Exhibit Hall 1

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[108.08] Allied Pairs of Gravitationally Lensed Images Associated with Distant Clusters of Galaxies

R.J. Lavery (Iowa State Univ.)

Gravitationally lensed ``allied'' image pairs are mirror symmetric images that lie on the same side of the mass concentration responsible for producing the lensing. Such image pairs can be produced when the lensing mass has an extented core radius. Such pairs have been proposed to explain some of the small image pairs in AC114 and A370. But, allied image pairs are not common in the many known examples of lensing by clusters of galaxies.

HST WFPC2 imaging observations of two rich distant clusters of galaxies (Cl 0056-2740 at z = 0.563 and Cl 1447+2619 at z = 0.37) has revealed three sets of allied images associated with these two clusters. None of these sets of images is concentric about the central cD galaxy in these clusters. Rather, the image pairs are associated with either a single galaxy or group of galaxies, with an ``Einstein'' radius of 3 to 5 arcseconds.

The photometric and physical properties of these lensed images and the associated galaxies will be presented, along with the estimated masses responsible for the lensing. The properties of these allied pairs will also be discussed with respect to the overall structure and X-ray properties of these two clusters. The presence of these allied image pairs may suggest that there are at least several mass concentrations associated with each of these clusters.

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