AAS Meeting #193 - Austin, Texas, January 1999
Session 13. Data Discovery Tools and Services
Display, Wednesday, January 6, 1999, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall 1

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[13.05] New and Improved Catalog Services at the ADC

K. D. Borne, J. H. Blackwell, J. E. Gass, V. E. Kargatis, G. L. Schneider, E. J. Shaya, J. L. Weiland (Raytheon STX, NASA/GSFC), C. Y. Cheung, R. A. White (NASA/GSFC)

The Astronomical Data Center (ADC) at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center is a major archive and distribution center for computer-readable versions of astronomical catalogs and journal data tables. The ADC's archives contain more than 2500 catalogs and tables of astrometric, photometric, morphological, spectroscopic, polarization, kinematic, and multi-wavelength data for stellar and non-stellar objects. Recent developments at the ADC now give researchers expanded location, browse, and retrieval capabilities for this rich and diverse collection of published data.

The expanded capabilities of the ADC include Quick Reference Pages that organize the ADC data holdings by scientific discipline, a new AMASE catalog class query tool (see companion poster on AMASE by C.Cheung), online data catalog previewing and plotting, sky location maps of existing NASA archival mission data near the positions of catalogued objects, links to external data holdings similar to the ADC catalogs but maintained elsewhere, a new software holdings listing, and updated author and keyword search indices. See the companion ADC posters on specific software tools (XML/AEQ and the Data Viewer). These new capabilities allow researchers to identify scientifically interesting objects and correlations, to carry out archival data-mining searches, to locate existing archival data on user-selected objects, and to prepare observing lists for further observational studies. The ADC has on-going cooperative efforts with the AAS and other data centers in the Astrobrowse effort ( http://sol.stsci.edu/~hanisch/astrobrowse_links.html ), including for example efforts to improve links between the abstract service (ADS) and ADC's data that are held in computer-readable form.

Additional information on the ADC and access to many of its services are available through the Center's WWW site at http://adc.gsfc.nasa.gov/ . AMASE can be accessed via http://amase.gsfc.nasa.gov/ and the new ADC visualization tools can be accessed via http://adf.gsfc.nasa.gov/adf/visualization/ .

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