DPS Meeting, Madison, October 1998
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Session 54. Io, Callisto, and Ganymede II

Contributed Oral Parallel Session, Friday, October 16, 1998, 2:50-4:10pm, Madison Ballroom C

54.01 A Comparison of the Plasma Bombardment Boundary on Ganymede's Surface to Galileo Imaging Data
R. T. Pappalardo, K. K. Khurana (Brown), T. Denk (DLR), W. Ip (Max Plank Inst.), T. Rosanova (USGS, Flagstaff), A. S. McEwen (LPL), T. V. Johnson (JPL), P. E. Helfenstein (Cornell), J. W. Head, R. Goyal (Brown), J. Warnecke, M. G. Kivelson (UCLA), G. Neukum (DLR), L. Gaddis, T. Becker (USGS, Flagstaff), Galileo Imaging Team, Galileo Magnetometer Team
54.02 HST NICMOS Images of Io in Jupiter's Shadow
J. D. Goguen (JPL/Caltech), A. Lubenow, A. Storrs (STScI)
54.03 Eruption style at Pillan and Pele from Galileo NIMS and SSI observations of Io.
A. G. Davies (JPL), L. P. Keszthelyi (U. Arizona/HVO), R. Lopes-Gautier (JPL), A. S. McEwen (U. Arizona), W. D. Smythe, R. W. Carlson (JPL), NIMS Team , SSI Team
54.04 The Global Distribution and Temporal Variability of Io's Volcanism
R. Lopes-Gautier (JPL,Caltech), A. S. McEwen (LPL, University of Arizona), W. D. Smythe (JPL,Caltech), P. E. Geissler (LPL, University of Arizona), L. Kamp, A. G. Davies (JPL,Caltech), J. R. Spencer (Lowell Observatory), R. W. Carlson (JPL,Caltech), L. P. Keszthelyi (LPL, University of Arizona), L. A. Soderblom (USGS Flagstaff), NIMS Team, SSI Team
54.05 The 1998 Brightening of Loki
R. R. Howell, J. L. Gregg, C. Crumrine (U. Wyoming), G. S. Orton, B. M. Fisher, J. G. Goguen (JPL)
54.06 The Role of Thermal Emission in Determining SO2 Frost Band Depths in the Galileo NIMS G2 data
D. L. Blaney, D. L. Matson, T. V. Johnson, G. J. Veeder, A. G. Davies, J. G. Goguen (JPL, Visiting Astronmer NASA IRTF)
54.07 Morphology and Distribution of Mountains of Io
P. Schenk (LPI, Houston), H Hargitai (Eotvos Lorand Tudoman., Budapest)
54.08 Direct Numerical Simulation of Volcanic Plumes on Io
J.V. Austin, D.B. Goldstein (Univ. of Texas)

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