DPS Meeting, Madison, October 1998
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Session 52. Moon

Contributed Oral Parallel Session, Friday, October 16, 1998, 10:55-11:55am, Madison Ballroom C

52.01 Digital Elevation Models of Tycho Crater and the Lunar Polar Regions
J. L. Margot, D. B. Campbell (Cornell University), R. F. Jurgens, M. A. Slade (JPL/Caltech)
52.02 Lunar Na during the 1997 Leonid meteor shower
D.M. Hunten, A.L. Sprague (LPL, U. Arizona), G. Cremonese (U. Padua)
52.03 Clementine Bistatic Radar: Reanalysis
R. A. Simpson (Stanford Univ.)
52.04 Coherent Backscatter in Particulate Materials: Variation of the Circular Polarization Ratio with Particle Size and Phase Angle
R. M. Nelson (JPL), B. Hapke (University of Pittsburgh), W. D. Smythe, L. J. Spilker (JPL)
52.05 The Lunar Opposition Effect from Clementine
J. Hillier, B. J. Buratti (JPL), K. Hill (CalTech)
52.06 Determining the Chronology of Bright Lunar Craters by Use of a GIS Database
J. A. Grier, A. S. McEwen, R. G. Strom (Lunar and Planetary Laboratory), P. G. Lucey (University of Hawaii)

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