DPS Meeting, Madison, October 1998
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Session 51P. Kuiper Belt

Contributed Poster Session, Thursday, October 15, 1998, 5:00-6:30pm, Hall of Ideas

51P.09 The Spacewatch Survey for Bright Kuiper Belt Objects
J. A. Larsen (Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona)
51P.10 Search for Trans-Neptunian Objects: a new MIDAS context confronted with some results obtained with the UH 8k CCD Mosaic Camera
P. Rousselot, F. Lombard, G. Moreels (Observatoire de Besanceon)
51P.11 Progress Report on the 1.8-meter Spacewatch Telescope
R. S. McMillan, T. H. Bressi, A. S. Descour, T. Gehrels, J. A. Larsen, J. L. Montani, M. L. Perry, M. T. Read, A. F. Tubbiolo (LPL/U.Az.)
51P.12 Spectroscopic investigation of the Centaurs
M. Lazzarin (Astronomy Dpt., Padova University), M.A. Barucci (Observatoire de Paris)
51P.13 1-2 Micron Grism Spectroscopy of Centaurs and Kuiper Belt Objects from NICMOS
D.W. McCarthy, H. Campins, S. Kern, R. H. Brown, S. Stolovy, M. Rieke (UAZ)
51P.14 The Dusty Carbon Monoxide Coma of (2060) P/Chiron
T. Sekiguchi, J. Watanabe, D. C. Boice (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)

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