DPS Meeting, Madison, October 1998
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Session 50P. Mercury

Contributed Poster Session, Thursday, October 15, 1998, 5:00-6:30pm, Hall of Ideas

50P.06 3 - 14 Micron Spectral Structure of Mercury
D.K. Lynch (The Aerospace Corp.), A.L. Sprague (LPL/U.Ariz.), K.L. Donaldson (Florida Institute of Technology), R.W. Russell, C.J. Rice, A.L. Mazuk (The Aerospace Corp.)
50P.07 Desorption of Na from SiO2 films, induced by low energy electrons: relevance to atmospheres of Mercury and the Moon.
B.V. Yakshinskiy, T.E. Madey (Rutgers University)
50P.08 Regolith albedo variegation on Mercury
J. Warell (Uppsala Astronomiska Obs.), S. S. Limaye (Space Science and Engineering Center), C.-I. Lagerkvist (Uppsala Astronomiska Obs.)
50P.09 Interaction of Mercury with the solar wind.
K. Kabin, T.I. Gombosi, D.L. DeZeeuw, K.G. Powell (U. Michigan)
50P.10 JANUS, A Proposed Pathfinder Mission to Mercury
S.A. Curtis (NASA/GSFC), P. E. Clark (Catholic University of America), B. Giles (NASA/GSFC), C. Eyerman (Orbital Sciences Corporation), G. Marr (NASA/GSFC), D. Winterhalter (NASA/JPL), Janus Mercury Pathfinder Mission Team

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