DPS Meeting, Madison, October 1998
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Session 49P. Triton and Pluto

Contributed Poster Session, Thursday, October 15, 1998, 5:00-6:30pm, Hall of Ideas

49P.09 HST FOC Imaging of Triton
B. Flynn (UCB/CEA), S.A. Stern (SwRI), L. M. Trafton (UT Austin), J. A. Stansberry (Lowell Obs), K. S. Noll (STScI)
49P.10 The Diameter of Pluto: A Re-Analysis of Kuiper's Disk Meter Measurements
R.L. Marcialis (LPL/U. Arizona), W. J. Merline (SWRI)
49P.11 A High-Speed Occultation Photometer and Imager for SOFIA
E. W. Dunham (Lowell Observatory), J. L. Elliot (MIT), B. W. Taylor (Lowell Observatory)

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