DPS Meeting, Madison, October 1998
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Session 7. Asteroid Observations II

Contributed Oral Parallel Session, Monday, October 12, 1998, 10:30-11:30am, Madison Ballroom D

7.01 Infrared (1.65-3.5 micrometers) Observations of 387 Aquitania
A. S. Rivkin, D. E. Trilling, L. A. Lebofsky (University of Arizona)
7.02 Iron signatures in Planetary Regoliths: The Moon as Case Study
L.A. McFadden (UMd), P. E. Clark (Catholic U.), A. Basu (Indiana U.)
7.03 Determining Iron Distribution in the Regolith of 433 Eros
P. E. Clark (Catholic University), L.F. Evans (Computer Science Corporation), M.E. Murphy (St. Joseph's College)
7.04 A Recent Radar Observation of Asteroid 1566 Icarus
P. R. Mahapatra, S. J. Ostro, L. A. M. Benner, K. D. Rosema, R. F. Jurgens, R. Winkler, R. Rose, J. D. Giorgini, D. K. Yeomans, M. A. Slade (JPL)
7.05 Radar observations of asteroid 7822 (1991 CS)
L. A. M. Benner, S. J. Ostro, K. D. Rosema, J. D. Giorgini, D. Choate, R. F. Jurgens, R. Rose, M. A. Slade, M. L. Thomas, R. Winkler, D. K. Yeomans (JPL/Caltech)
7.06 Recent and In-Progress Radar Modeling Results
R. S. Hudson (WA St. Univ.), S. J. Ostro (JPL)

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