DPS Meeting, Madison, October 1998
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Session 48P. Venus

Contributed Poster Session, Thursday, October 15, 1998, 5:00-6:30pm, Hall of Ideas

48P.05 Numerical simulations of large impacts in thick atmospheres
K. Zahnle (NASA Ames), D. Korycansky (UCSC)
48P.06 Tremolite Dehydroxylation and the History of Water on Venus
N.M. Johnson, B. Fegley, Jr. (Planetary Chemistry Laboratory, Wash Univ., St. Louis)
48P.07 Molecular Band Imaging of the Venus Night Side
N. J. Chanover (New Mexico State U.), J. J. Hillman, D. A. Glenar (NASA/GSFC)
48P.08 The VESPER Mission to Venus
M Allen (JPL/Caltech), G Chin (NASA/GSFC), VESPER Science Team
48P.09 SWUIS--An imaging camera/spectrograph for UV planetary studies aboard the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station
D. C. Slater (SwRI/San Antonio), S. A. Stern (SwRI/Boulder), W. B. Tomlinson, D. E. Mahoney (SwRI/San Antonio), J. Wm. Parker, P. M. Tamblyn, W. B. Colwell (SwRI/Boulder), P. R. Weissman (JPL), F. Vilas (NASA/JSC)

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